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Streaming Through COVID

We have continued sharing our music with the Inventi community via a series of online events! Keep reading to find out more and keep a close eye on our website, Facebook and Instagram pages for more upcoming opportunities to listen and create music with us!

Inventi plays PdeJ

Helping our Inventi community through lockdown, the weekly release of Peter de Jager's 'Five Inventi Portrait Solos,' makes for exciting listening in isolation. Each portrait is recorded as a solo work in the musician's home and was written with the intention to also be played as a chamber work, when Inventi are able to safely play together again. We are proud that we are able to create opportunities for musicians in this challenging time in our industry. Each piece is personalised to the player, with Peter basing his compositions around the spirit of each individual.  We can't wait for you to hear the final portraits, with two more weeks of excitement to come!

Inventi Ensemble's Online Music Space -

Over three consecutive weekends, Inventi Ensemble along with a number of guest artists, presented free interactive concerts for children (aged 3-7) and their families, hosted by music education expert Clare Zabrowarny.  These concerts were filled with an abundance of laughter, singing, dancing and music-making.

Musical Dances (22/8) - Children had the opportunity to get up and dance along with their newly learnt Irish dance and tap steps, taught by violist Merewyn Bramble.  This was accompanied by the music of Melissa Doecke's dancing flute.

Lullabies (29/8) - Lulled to sleep by the beautiful melodies of Nat Bartsch and the peaceful harp and oboe duo (Ben Opie and Marshall McGuire), families began their weekend with a sense of calm.

Musical Storytime (5/9) - Bringing out the characters in their instruments, violinist Clare Zabrowarny was joined by the animal sounds of Emma Sullivan's energetic double bass playing and Adrian Tamburini, whose fantastic voice brought to life the stories of his favourite operas.


Click the links below to listen to all five portraits!

'Micro-Sonata' for solo cello performed by Paul Zabrowarny

'Shadow Curve' for solo flute performed by Melissa Doecke

'Funeral March' for solo viola performed by Henry Justo

'Apollonian Lines' for solo oboe performed by Ben Opie

'Penguins' for solo violin performed by Peter Clark

'Crossover' by Nikki Edgar

1 graphic score, 5 instrumentalists, 5 different interpretations. Commissioned by Inventi in 2020, this work was recorded at home during isolation and is unique because it was created by not listening to any of the other musicians when recording it.

The score is comprised of one continuous line that must be followed therefore producing a continuous sound. All of the musicians follow the score, with strings reading from left to right and woodwinds reading from right to left. Hear this sensational work by Australian composer, Nikki Edgar in its entirety now on Youtube! 

This project is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.