Community & Education

Inventi Ensemble offers a wide range of workshops and interactive performances able to be tailored to any audience. Below is an outline of these and please contact us if you would like more detail or are interested in booking Inventi Ensemble for a workshop or performance.



Audience: Community groups and school students

* Explore music from all time periods and styles

* Theme-based concerts featuring music from across the world

* Informative introductions by Inventi Ensemble and a chance to meet the musicians!



Audience: Primary and Secondary School Students

* Learn about the instruments and explore music from all time periods and styles

* Interact with Inventi Ensemble and join in with the music by playing percussion and other instruments

* Explore music composition guided by Inventi Ensemble musicians and compose and perform your own piece of music!



Audience: General community and/or School Students

* Discuss the process of working with composers on commissioning new music

* Explore composition styles/different music writing styles

Includes a focus on graphic and moving scores

* Work with participants to create, write and perform new works using graphic scores as notation and music instruments/percussion/voices for performance.



The above music programmes are designed to be flexible in format and length and adaptable to different audiences/participants. Each programme can be individual or combined with others over any timeframe.


Contact us for further information and bookings

St Paul's Lutheran Church Series (Shepparton) : General admission ($25)