Wellness Programs


to clear the mind, find calmness,

reflection and stimulation

in a busy work day…

through a musical journey


Taking Time offers a series of specially chosen pieces (ranging from all genres of music) combined with improvised music to give people a chance to clear their minds, find calmness and also stimulation in a potentially busy workday.



As well as single sessions, we offer our signature series journey of 5 sessions. Each session has a theme, beginning with a calming piece of music and slowly taking participants on a journey to encourage a healthy attitude towards relaxing, reflection, and stimulation. The themes for the session are:


  • Calm

  • Tranquil

  • Reflect

  • Invigorate

  • Stimulate


Over the course of 5 sessions, Taking Time will allow people to enjoy live music in a relaxed, casual environment. Participants can stay for 5 minutes or for the whole hour session.


The packages below are flexible and can be tailored to suit individual needs depending on what you are looking for. We are always happy to discuss options.



5 Session package

Sessions can be divided in the following examples:

5 x 1 hour sessions daily for a week

5 x 1 hour sessions once a week for 5 weeks

Fees available on request.


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